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Is where your Precious Pets remain in the comfort of their own home and PPP comes over and lovingly, attentivly and professionally services the animals and the home.

There is a 26 Point Check List that PPP follows during these visitations and includes, but not limited to: feeding and watering pets, pottie breaks, play-time and treats, collecting mail as needed, timing in-home light fixtures/curtains and outdoor lights, watering plants, trash removal and daily pet journal entries to inform you of your pets daily activities.

FEES:  CAININES-Day Fee                  $15-$25.00/per visit Varing w/needs: $5.00 an additional domestic pet
             CAININES-Overnight               $35.00/per dog with multi-dog discounts and long stay discounts
             Cats and other small animals:  $15.00/per visit (if no dogs included) up to 3 pets: $3.00/add'l pet varing
             Other animals (Horses, goats etc): Varies depending on animals & services

NOTE: MILEAGE COST will apply at $0.50/mile over six miles. 
Prices and services are subject to change at any time without warning.